Jumpshot History


Cedar Rapids Iowa has been known as "The Trampoline Capitol of the World."  Cedar Rapids is home of the Nissen Trampoline.  Eddie Cole, the Creator of Jumpshot, and world champion gymnast, was a friend and employee of Nissen when Jumpshot's predecessor, Spaceball was created.

Spaceball was a sensation at carnivals, fairs, school demonstrations, shopping centers, skating rinks, and grand opening celebrations.  But by 1970 it was fun that only acrobats were enjoying.  Eddie knew that Spaceball would be enjoyed by a much larger population, so he developed a safe, fun, and profitable version of the game for the general public.  Spaceball was very popular, and eventually evolved into Jumpshot, which was even more successful than Spaceball.  Jumpshot went on to be come an attraction at family fun centers, amusement parks, carnivals, campgrounds, fitness centers, movie theaters, summer caps, golf coarses, and many other venues that have any traffic.