Jumpshot is a proven moneymaker in over 250 centers around the country and the world. Jumpshot requires less than 200 square feet of space, including space around the units and for accessibility, and can be placed indoors in any room with 15 feet of vertical space or anywhere outdoors. Supervision of play requires only a single staff member, who does not need to be 100% devoted to the task. Most owners charge $4.00 to $5.00 per player for four minutes of play. That translates into $8.00 to $10.00 in revenue for each four minutes of play. (For most players, four minutes of such strenuous play is more than adequate.).

Jumpshot is a great addition to any outdoor or indoor recreational facility, from family fun centers

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We can now customize your Jumpshot installation with several new options: A scoreboard that alternates between the time and the score, spring pads, canopy, staircase, banners, premium safety sign, clear view side curtains, fans, side backboards,and spring pads.  We also have a Jumpshot Jr, and will soon have a portable Jumpshot.  Place your orders today!

Maintenance costs for Jumpshot are extremely low … around 3% of the purchase price annually. In fact, the first items that generally need to be replaced are the bottom tramp springs. This maintenance should be performed after approximately 10,000 plays. That is a $500.00 expense after realizing between $70,000.00 and $80,000.00 in revenue!

The Jumpshot game does not encourage high bouncing, and the equipment design prevents high bouncing. Players are much more likely to catch the ball by staying low than trying to bounce high. The trampoline design prevents most players from jumping more than three feet high. The bouncing surface on Jumpshot is made from a highly engineered, triple thickness fabric. Not only does this result in excellent durability, it allows for a very low impact bounce that is easy to master. Even someone who has never been on a trampoline before will find Jumpshot easy to play and extremely forgiving.

There are two nets, rather than one, to separate the players. This prevents the players from making any personal contact. This safety feature also reduces kipping (double bouncing) to a safe level. Jumpshot players are prevented from falling off the unit by nets on both sides, along with backstops at the ends. Backstop surfaces resemble a tumbling mat surface, allowing the players to fall against it without injury. Nets and backstops also keep the players from being exposed to any hard surface.
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We personally inspect, and can deliver and set up all Jumpshot units. We will also personally train managers and employees on the operation of the units, stressing game and safety rules, along with warning signs. A low impact trampoline, padded surfaces and safety nets make Jumpshot a very safe game for people of all ages.

Eddie Cole’s Jumpshot offers a special leasing option to purchase. Plans are flexible, simple, and attractive. Leasing conserves working capital, provides an additional source of credit, and has potential tax advantages. All of this is available with a low down payment.

Eddie Cole’s Jumpshot offers a one year warranty on all parts and a ten year warranty on the frame.

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​​​​​Jumpshot is a great addition to any outdoor or indoor recreational facility, from family fun centers to miniature golf courses to family campgrounds to water parks … and more. Family fun centers usually include Jumpshot in their premium birthday/party packages and, as a result, see a significant increase in party package up-sales. Appropriate siting is only limited by your imagination! Existing Jumpshot owners who have shared their experiences over the years have reported one success story after another. At least one buyer generated $156,000.00 in income in five months on a single unit! That is a 600% return on his investment in year one. According to Eddie Cole, founder of Jumpshot, “Ninety percent of the customers who have purchased the Jumpshot game, paid for it in the first year. With only a few plays per day, the Jumpshot unit can begin showing profit for its owner.”